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Philosophy of LALS:
  The philosophy of LALS is pursuit of the better sound lost in the past.  The speakers in the past provide delicate and fine tone; however, the modern speakers overemphasize the purity of stringency, instead of lost original charm.  Therefore, we select horn speakers as our main design.  With new technologies and materials, plus the unique features of horn itself, we develop the next-generation horn speakers which join purity and performance to our listeners.

LALS is a speaker manufacturer and a team of professional engineers
  we manufacture Hi-End speakers; including drivers, crossover and cabinet.  We select best Russian birch and rare natural veneer with our experienced artisans to create a strong and attractive cabinet.  Our driver is mainly compression driver with paper cone woofer surrounds.  To achieve the best and finest sound quality, we use oversized Alinico (aluminum- nickel-cobalt) magnet and silver coils for the voice coil
Custom-designed for home and professional audio system
  We provide custom-designed service to build your own unique speaks and sound system.
Complete service with five-year warranty and three-year part service.
  With normal useage, all parts, at least, are 10-year lifespan; in the meantime, we support best after-sale services to our customers.
Welcome to audition, we guaranteed that it’s an amazing speaker with affordable value.
  We have manufactured hundreds of speakers which its performance and purity of sound have been accepted by many customers.  Welcome to our showroom for an astonishing journey of sound.  ...
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